January 2017

My work on why plants show sex lability is in the news! Read it here

December 2016

It seems that I will be taking part in the Soapbox Science event held in Lincoln next year! Exciting times ahead!

November 2016

Not one but two papers accepted this month so far!

Elzinga JA & Varga S (2016) Prolonged stigma and flower lifespan in females of the gynodioecious plant Geranium sylvaticum.

Varga S & Kytöviita M-M (2016) Light availability affects sex lability in a gynodioecious plant. American Journal of Botany.

October 2016

I am guest editing a special issue on Sexual dimorphism in response to stress for Environmental and Experimental Botany, together with Prof Retuerto and Dr Sánchez-Vilas. The aim is to expand our knowledge about sex-specific responses to environmental stress. Contributions are welcome!!

Read more about it here

September 2016

I am going to be at the EU corner participating in the Light Night events on Friday 30th, come and see the type of research EU is supporting in Lincoln!